Evolver logo designed by Fitzroy and Finn


Evolver are a digital strategy agency, working for clients such as Telefonica, Lufthansa and Addison Lee. Founded by the inspiring Ian Crocombe, whom we worked closely with, alongside their Project Strategist Magnus A. Blikeng, to develop a suitable brand identity and design a style guide to be rolled out in all visual communications. 

It was a perfect project to design a bespoke typeface, in fact we developed 4 typefaces, each character is based upon a 4x5 pixel grid and formed by tessellating a triangle around a single pixel unit. It enabled us to generate various articulations of the letterforms by compositing different versions together, the results create an isometric depth.

It was a great project to work on as they fully supported our proposed durational ‘evolving’ design proposition. Read about the design process and methodology in this Journal article — Procedural Aesthetics #01.


Evolver Type designed by Fitzroy and Finn


Evolver Type designed by Fitzroy and Finn


Evolver designed by Fitzroy and Finn


Evolver Presentation designed by Fitzroy and Finn