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Harpoon Productions is a new company that works with publishers, content providers and brands to create engaged digital content; from articles to video to podcasts. Harpoon is headed by Giles Wilson, the creator and longtime editor of the acclaimed BBC News Magazine, who we worked with on Long-form articles and the BBC News Magazine branding and role out. Giles invited Fitzroy & Finn to design the brand identity and supporting material for his new venture.

To orientate the project Giles recommended we read Herman Melville’s seminal 1851 Moby Dick, consequently we immersed ourselves in the seafaring tales of 19th Century whaling. On our adventures we discovered the amazing Moby Dick illustrations of Rockwell Kent, the wonderful detailed carved intricate artworks of Scrimshaw and an array of nautical artefacts in the Royal Museums Greenwich. Typographically the brand cried out for the 1834 sturdy, robust and whale-like Thorowgood, paired with a derivative of William Thorowgood's 1832 typeface Grotesque the jobbing Classic Grotesque.



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